Cobh GAA & Cobh Camogie 24-hour Virtual Relay for Cobh Hospital 2021-03-27 11:00:00

On Friday 19th of March, Cobh GAA and Cobh Camogie began a player-organised fundraiser for a very worthy and local cause - a 24-hour Virtual Relay for Cobh Hospital. Having fundraised for Cobh Hospital before, as recently as last year through a Live Concert featuring some of the GAA’s musically talented players, our local hospital was a very appropriate and worthy cause once again. 

As the 7pm bells were ringing on Friday evening, GAA Chairperson, Sandra Farrell, and Camogie Chairman, Brian Ronan, sent out a rallying message to participants, viewers and the people of Cobh. They encouraged people to get behind such an exciting and intuitive fundraiser for a “very worthy cause” in Cobh Hospital. It was fitting that Sandra and Brian then took part in the relay by completing the very first leg of the 24-hour relay at 7pm on Friday. Over 100 more runners / walkers / joggers were soon to follow them over the course of the 24 hours in which we had 3 columns of half-hour slots filled by great volunteers including players and coaches from the GAA and Camogie club who carried us right through to 7pm on Saturday evening. All 24-hours were given great coverage through the social media pages of both clubs and highlights from the event can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Special praise must be given to the players from both codes for organising such a well-run and enjoyable event - in particular, Erica Field and Mari Moynihan from the Camogie and Adam McCarthy from the GAA. Both clubs would also like to thank the people of Cobh for their kindness and generosity in raising over €8,500 for Cobh Hospital, including a very generous donation from Garry Wilson of Belvelly Castle. 

Visit our social media pages for great coverage of the event right through the whole 24 hours.

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