Cul Camp 2014 20th June - 4th July IMPORTANT INFO 2014-06-26 15:21:00

Cobh Gaa Cul Camp
Mon 30th June - Fri 4th July   10am - 2:30pm each day
Check-in on first morning from 9:40am.
Kit & bag can be collected in the Top pitch during juvenile training on Saturday (9:45am - 11:30am) or Sunday(10:45am - 11:45am) this weekend.
All participants should have a hurley, GUMSHIELD (for football) and helmet if possible - some spare hurleys & helmets will be available.
Please be sure to clearly label all items brought to the camp, including lunch bags and water bottles.
Participants who wish to walk home at the end of any day without being collected by an adult must bring a note giving permission for this.
In the case of very poor weather conditions, where activities cannot continue, parents may be contacted to collect the participants earlier than the designated finishing time.

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