The Poc Fada Poem 2015-01-12 13:35:00

The Long Puc

The wind it blew wild,
Like a restless child,

But that didn’t matter

We still gave it a clatter,

On St. Stephen’s Day

Out went the GAA,

In wind and in rain

For the love of the game.

Families an all

We clattered the ball,

We gave it a lash

Like the great Mr. Nash,

And the sliotar it flew

After a prayer or two,

Was it a good ball or bad

Was it “off” just a tad,

We watched and they wondered

“It’s off” someone muttered,

We tutted and tutted

‘Twill be grand someone uttered.

But no one’s a quitter

Whether it’s warm or it’s bitter

And families and friends

Battled on till the end.

It’s about taking part

Honouring your club and your heart

So thanks one and all

For pucking the ball….

By Theresa Mc Cormack

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